I'm Nicole. I make beats and music. I like Final Fantasy and playing video games. I love tumblr and cats and tea.
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  • Almi Part 1
  • Yuffffie*

Almi part 1.

Soo, I’m very dearly sorry that I have not uploaded anything in what ? 3 days ? I’m soo sorry. I have been busy, making THIS mix, it’s more of a set though well it feels like it. Although I do NOT play live, it felt like playing a live set , because of how long it is, it’s exactly 10:05 mins. Yea, pretty long. Anyways, enjoy, this is by far the most professional thing i’ve ever done. Due to this set’s  long ass time, I have to seperate the the mix in half , so this is the first 5 minutes of the set. -Yuffffie*

0 ♥ / 28 April, 2012